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* “Balloons Made For You” is not responsible for any damage, injury, theft and or other incidents as a result of our balloon equipment or tools being handled poorly by third parties. Staff at the chosen function suite are responsible for but not limited to; Stolen money or gift balloons. Stolen balloon products. 

** “Balloons Made For You” may require a deposit for use of our balloon frames and pillars and must be returned. Failure to return frames will abdicate the deposit. All returned frames and pillars will receive a damage report check.


*** “Balloons Made For You” will follow statutory rights for shopping in the UK. A refund or replacement will be issued to the consumer when they supply the ALL of the following;

1. The returned product.

2. The transaction receipt.

If the product was damaged by yourself, be honest with a staff member as early as possible and the current store manager will advise you on your options.

**** "Balloons Made For You"
strongly recommends that a competent vehicle is chosen for the collection of your products. We will advise you on how to use the space in your car to achieve maximum efficiency. Balloons that are damaged, burst or caught in the door due to carelessness will not be replaced. Your chosen products are your responsibility when you leave the shop premises.

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